It's not about the money. It's not about the fame. It's not about the glory, It's not about the influence. it's about the History*

Murray let us think the unthinkable – where does that leave us now?
It's hard to think of any other sport where the relationship between player and fan is so close

What with one thing and another – the euro, the Jubilee, the weather – the country has had a fidgety year of it. But this weekend we have been a bag of nerves. The moment Murray made it through the semis you could feel the national temperature rise. Seats for the final were said to be changing hands for sums approaching a junior banker's bonus. People were catching trains from all over Britain, ticket or no ticket, happy just to camp out in the vicinity of Wimbledon. Whether to witness history or heartbreak, everyone wanted to be there.

(Independent- Howard Jacobson)

*یعنی من رسمن کشته مرده ی این حس ِ "در تاریخ بودن" و "تاریخ ساختن" ِ این بریتیشام (حالا گیرم دو درصدشون! سلام جیمم). جمله ی تیتر این پست، جمله ی معروفیه، غیر از بند آخرش. قبلن جمله ش اینجوری تموم میشد:
“’s about the glory”
 امسال قبل از فینال ِ ویمبلدون کرده بودنش:
“... it’s about the History”

 پ.ن. راستش منم با اندی (و شاید همه ی کسانی که دیروز این بازی رو از نزدیک تماشا کردن) گریه کردم، وقتی اونجوری بغضش جلو خبرنگار بی بی سی ترکید. بنظرم از احساسی ترین لحظات تاریخ ویمبلدون رقم خورد. و هماره بیاد خواهند آوردش

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