- I don’t care about sex! It doesn’t matter, does it?
- it doesn’t matter to those to whom it doesn’t matter!
- I just want to be near you all the time
- in the world of non-sexual bliss!
- yes!
- and we will hold hands and read poetry and you know what? will never rear its ugly head! That is your dream! Shall I tell you mine?
- umm
- I dream of a great dark man... a real man, enormously strong, enormously virile, whose love I shall win. I know that my dream is doomed to disappointment; if I succeed, I fail; if I win the love of a man he cannot be a real man, and more feminine I make myself to attract the real man, the less the real man attracted by me; a dream is only a dream; there is no great dark man...

(The Naked Civil Servant)

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