A hunter goes into the woods,

and he sees this grizzly,

biggest he's ever seen.

he raises his rifle, and he fires.

The bear falls, the hunter rushes forward,

and to his surprise, there is nothing there!

There is no bear, there's no broken twigs, there is no blood.

And then suddenly,

the grizzly throws his massive arm around his shoulders and explains:

'you took your shot! you missed! So! either I feast, or, and the choice is yours, I sodomize you'.

Naturally, the hunter chooses life.

The next day, the hunter returns to the woods, with a much bigger gun, and he spots the bear again.

And he aims. He fires. The bear falls.

The hunter charges.

No sign of the bear, untill the bear is standing beside him, saying:

'you know the deal'.

Indignity ensues.

The following day, the hunter treks back to the woods.

This time with the bazooka.

He sees the bear, lines him up in his crosshairs, fires.

The recoil from the bazooka throws him backwards.

And he looks up as the smoke's clearing, and there is the bear standing above him, arms crossed.

And the bear squints.

'You are not really out here for the hunting, are you?'!

 سالی گذرانده ام که چکیده و خلاصه اش همین شکارچی بالاست که منم!

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